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Level and Temp


The river temps are good,flow is up with the rain !   River was stocked   Fri Oct. 14th. Get out & fish!!

What's Hatching

 The October stocking was Fri the 14th.. October caddis, small sledgewing quill, BWO and Tricos could work. Small midges, nymphs, and streamers may entice wary hold overs out of deep holes.

216 cfs     

What's Hatching
Scuds, Midges, Blk Stoneflies 

Musconetcong River

140 cfs          

The Musky: the flow is ok,   Temps are good!River was stocked Oct. 14th!

Flatbrook River

116  cfs

92 cfs                       34 degrees


Temps s & flows are excelent.

Pequest River

96 cfs              

Pequest conditions flow has come up with the rain,temps are   cooler. Fishes best below 300 cfs.

Level and Temp

37 cfs            

What's Hatching

Midges, baetis, caddis

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