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This week's Hatches features Brian Cowden

“Stream Restorations – Case Studies and planned improvements”

Brian Cowden's passion for fly fishing has led to an interesting and enviable career: restoring habitat for healthy and sustainable fisheries. In this presentation, we'll learn more about the places where we fish and how they are built - literally. Through Brian's lens, we can approach fishing opportunities with a keen eye for where fish hold and feed - and why. Our understanding of the gravel beds, points of thermal relief, and how streams want to flow can enhance our appreciation for (and our chances of finding) the aquatic life within.

This information will serve us well this and next week especially well as all we can do is go and look at our public rivers. That's right - the rivers are "closed" for stocking. They'll open up again on April 9th, at 8 am. In the meantime, let's enjoy another Hatches or two, sit down at the vice, or relax with our favorite tome about everything fly fishing.


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