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Shannon's Online Fly Tying Classes 2021-2022

First, I hope everyone is enjoying a safe, healthy holidays season. One of the mainstays of our winter calendar over the years has been fly tying. We would host classes for beginners on Saturday mornings and follow up with a more advanced class on Sunday morning. Unfortunately, the ongoing Covid-19 Pandemic has made this difficult to be able to host safely given the space and close working requirements of an in person class.

After discussing the situation with Tim Flagler of Tightline Productions, we've decided on a virtual fly tying course format. We will post a description of the goals of the lesson and include video that is easy to follow to be able to practice at home. There has been a solid demand for fly tying and we want to help but we need to also be aware that we are not living in normal times until this Pandemic is over. The goals is to teach our students not only how to tie flies that catch fish but also the techniques using the tools and materials not just to tie one specific fly but a variety of flies. Give this format a try. Don't be afraid to reach out with questions! We will also be announcing several Zoom sessions with Tim at the vise.

Lesson One: Working with Thread: The Zebra Midge. The first fly we will start with is the Zebra Midge. Tying this fly will help students learn:

1) Placing the appropriate size bead on the hook.

2) Placing the hook in the jaws of the tying vise.

3) Working with the bobbin tool to wrap thread onto the hook.

4) Wrapping fine wire to segment the body of the fly.

5) Using the whip finish tool.


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