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November Trout

A strong cold front passed through our area tonight and we are going to see temps head down into the thirties tonight. Temperatures are going to be in the upper forties to low fifties for highs the next several days. I don't think the trout will mind but I know I'm looking around for some warmer clothes. We really can't complain. We've had good water and pleasant temps for weeks, and like I tell the customers, "The trout are already wet!"

Still, as we move through November the water temps will slowly drop into the forties and the trout will tend to settle towards the bottom. Nymphing in a variety of styles will become ever more effective. Whether you prefer Euro-style or High Sticking, the secret is to get the flies down and control the drift. Trout will remain to feed in runs and deeper pools but they may not move as far to chase down food. Nymphing successfully requires a methodical approach. Start out fishing the runs and seams closest to you and then expand the zone. Long rods are best for this game because they allow greater line control. A ten foot rod is always a nice option but a nine foot rod will do just fine high sticking. Just remember to mend the line and keep those flies moving slowly and deeply through the zone.

Another successful approach is to fish streamers slow and deep. I won't fish streamers on anything less than 4X tippet, I find that I need the extra strength of this size tippet to handle the often aggressive takes of trout in cold water. We just received a nice Rio/ Redington shipment and while the waders and fly lines were warmly welcomed, I was excited about the Versi-leaders in a variety of sinking rates. These leaders are designed to be attached to a normal floating lines and measure seven feet in length. Attaching a short trace of 18-20 inches of 3-4X tippet will create a very effective system for getting those streamers down in the water column and keeping them there. Some of my best fish of the year are caught in this manner.

We can't commit to our normal fly tying classes just yet due to the ongoing Pandemic. I wish I had better news on that front. What I can say is that Bubba will be back and it certainly looks like the popular cooperative effort between the shop and several Trout Unlimited chapters to stock Point Mountain TCA will happen again. When you see Tim Flagler's videos then you'll know we've stocked.

Just a note for the holidays. Shannon's has been bringing in inventory all year in spite of a variety of supply chain issues. We have a pretty solid inventory right now but special orders are likely going to be delayed. Contact us as soon as you can so we can make sure all of those special holiday gifts arrive on time. Your support is sincerely appreciated.

So here's to all of you chugging through these strange times and the Pandemic. This hasn't been easy on any of us and we know how valuable for our well being just a few hours on the water can be.

Here are a couple of current patterns from Tim:


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