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Fishing Report: Week of May 7th - Mayflies and dry fly fishing at their finest

Congrats to Cathy Cole on her beautiful rainbow caught on the SBR using a John Kavanaugh-tied high-vis parachute red quill this week. Stop into the shop or send us your photos - we love celebrating your successes with you!

Those fortunate to get out a few times this past week watched the rivers come down after the downpours in April. As of today, the SBR is in prime condition and the Musky and Pequest will be in a day or two. The surge and cloudy days primed the bugs and, right on cue, a burst of sun yesterday got the fish after them.

Sulphurs, Pale Evening Dun, and Cinnamon Caddis have been reliably reported as far as Eastern PA and at least one stocked rainbow took a dry Sulphur, size 14, just downstream from Brown’s corner on the South Branch last night after dusk. Frenchie nymph patterns can be gussied up with a yellow collar on a barbless jig, or use yellow or yellow leaning dub to make pheasant tails into Sulphur nymphs.

As many anglers know, 90% of a trout's diet is taken just a few inches from the river bed, so midges and nymphs work throughout the year. Wet flies, spider flies, and emergers do, too, so while you wait for consistency in the fish feeding on top, continue with the zebras, RS2s, the San Juans and the woolys, but do not squander this month - spending time trying to entice a single fish rising in a run is a challenge for all levels. Small BWOs or Griffith’s gnats are a good place to begin in the morning and will continue to work throughout the day. If you have yellow goose biots they make a great breadline emerging Sulphur or stop by and we can fix up a cup from nymph to spinner. Sulphurs will be with us until Memorial Day - make the most of this month!

-- Roy B.


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