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Fall Events - October Twenty-eighth, 2023

The shop is looking forward to our first in a series of classes and events in the coming weeks!

Tomorrow, Sunday the 29th, guide and hiking guru Conor D. will present a Knot tying class. He will cover the five knots most used in fly fishing: clinch knot, improved clinch knot, surgeon knot, blood knot, and perfection knots (loops). Fly to tippet, tippet to leader, leader to fly line, fly line to backing and even backing on the reel (arbor knot) if there is time. Register here if you're interested!

In early November, Shannon’s Private Waters will host the Army v. Navy open box competition and the New Jersey Fly Angler of the Year one fly competition. Folks are already discussing which fly will take the trophy this year - and all bets are on subsurface, bottom hugging offerings. Is fly fishing a spectator sport? Come watch and cheer on your favorite TU chapter or angler.

The rivers are in good shape, but getting a little low on the South Branch. Some rain tomorrow should help. The Lake Hopatcong draining has slowed, so the Musky is at ideal flows. With conditions low and clear, a stealthy approach is key and creeping and casting upstream may increase your chances. Be very cautious wading - the fish are spooky in this clear water. I had some luck this week with an Adams, a mop, and a streamer. More consistent anglers find small eggs (#18 - #24, in peach and orange) and midges (RS2s, WD-40s, zebra midges) to be working. Try a leech tied by John Collins or Len Ruggia in black, dark olive, or red under an indicator placed slightly higher than the depth of the water - it was a nearly-surefire offering on Friday on the South Branch.

Until the weather gets steady, cooler and consistent, it is a guessing game - which fly and where are the fish? They are out there and moving. Euro and tight line nymphing seem to be effective more than anything else, so low and slow is the tempo!

Stop in for a Lamson reel three pack - they are on sale while supplies last. We have two G-Loomis (9 foot 5 weight) and some Hardy rods at discount prices. Miss Mayfly waders are in stock. Korkers are in stock. New flies are arriving soon!

This weather will not last, so get out there before the cold hits…

See you out there,

Roy B.


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