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An Early Opener, Hatches and COVID-19 Update

After a special meeting this past Monday March 30th, the New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife decided to open the 2020 Trout season yesterday Wednesday April 1st. That means that all general regulation waters are open to fishing but the fishing for trout in these waters is on a strict catch and release basis until Saturday, April 11th. Furthermore, there will be no in-season closures for stocking on major trout streams such as the South Branch, Musky or any of the rivers which usually have an in-season closure meaning that any fishing before 5pm on those waters is usually prohibited. To our conventional tackle customers: We appreciate your business but we are playing catch up with our inventory due to supply chain issues that have deliveries running behind. We will catch up. PLEASE IF YOU NEED A LICENSE, PRINT IT OUT AT HOME. While we are a license agent, we are not issuing licenses at this time since we are not allowed to open our sales floor to the public. PRINT THE LICENSE AT HOME.

A mild winter combined with a generous spring allocation has rivers fishing very well right now. It is fair to say that the Hendrickson hatch is definitely underway and anglers fishing Hendrickson dries between 2-4pm are doing very well so far this week. Hendrickson Emergers are another solid fly fished behind a Beadhead Nymph an hour or so before the hatch. John Kavanaugh has been dropping off some marvelous flies. In addition to his own versions of the Hendrickson, John has some killer BWO patterns as well. Remember to ask for some classic local patterns. He has also reproduced some beautiful versions of two South Branch classics: The South Branch Chub originally tied by legendary shop owner and guide Bob Jacklyn who is famous for his knowledge of Montana trout fishing but actually grew up in New Jersey and regularly fished the South Branch as a young man and the Ken Lockwood Streamer tied by the man himself.

As stated, we can't allow anyone into the shop but can fill phone and e-mail orders Just call (908) 832-5736 or e-mail us at These can be mailed or picked up between 10am and 3pm. Please practice social distancing. We all just want to stay safe and healthy for our families.

Local Hatches 4/02/2020:

Morning 9-11 am:

Some midge and BWO activity. Most action this time of year occurs in the afternoon.

Midday through Late Afternoon 12 noon - 3:30pm:

Little Black Stonefly Capnia vernalis Tim's stonefly, Black Copper John #18

Early Iron Blue Quill Baetis tricaudatus RS2, Adams, Pheasant Tail Nymph #16-18

Quill Gordon Epeorus pluralis Hare's Ear nymph #12-14, Quill Gordon Dry #12-14

Hendrickson Ephemerella subvaria Light Hendrickson #12-14, Red Quill #14

Evening 5-7pm:

Baetis Duns and Spinners #16-20

Quill Gordon Spinners Rusty Spinner #12-14

Egg Laying Stonefly Black Caddis skittered over the surface.

Here's Tim's latest video: The Wood Duck Nymph a great all purpose nymph. Tim also has Matt Grobert demonstrate his version of the Hendrickson Sparkle Dun.

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