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Bubba is Back....

Happy Holidays to all of you and in the spirit of the season I am happy to report that the Bubba Contest is on once again. Thursday afternoon, they arrived fresh from the Musky Hatchery in Asbury. Jeff Mancini brought the fish. We spread the fish out from Vernoy Road down to Hoffman's Crossing, all told some 500 trout were stocked between 11-17 inches in length plus the two large Bubbas a Brown and a Rainbow between 25-27". The state stocked large Rainbows back in October so we felt that numbers were the name of the game this year. The two Bubbas have jaw tags. Catch and remove the jaw tag and release the Bubba and win the prize,a new rod from Douglas Outdoors. If you prefer spinning to fly tackle, we have some nice waders and boots. The rules of winning the prize still hold, a dead fish means no prize. The water is up so the fish should spread out nicely. Stop by the shop, we look forward to seeing you over the holiday season! Gift certificates are available!

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