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A Little Rain and the Fish Respond

As we've all noticed, rivers which were running high for much of the first part of the year were quite low and clear during the October stocking. This past week, our area received about two inches of rain and the South Branch shot up to 600 cfs. That's a nice shot of rain but it has calmed down quite a bit running at about 45 cfs tonight. It does look like our area is expecting more rain, both tomorrow and Tuesday rain is in the forecast. While neither event looks like a flood event, at least for now, it is much needed. After not having significant rain for a month or more, it will take more than one storm to raise the water table and river levels.

Fishing since the stocking has picked up. It hasn't been easy due to the lower water but these are some quality fish that the NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife have raised and stocked for Jersey anglers. Many anglers have reported catching and mostly releasing Rainbows up to and beyond 18", with a few landing fish in the low twenties. Everyone is commenting on how strong these fish are too. Be prepared for a good battle.

Caddis and Baetis aka Blue Winged Olive hatches continue, these trout are also very fond of egg and midge patterns. After a rain, it is hard for the trout to pass up a Squirmy Worm although some us are starting to do well on streamers such as Woolly Buggers, Zonkers and Dace patterns as the water cools and the fish begin to chase down prey.

Shannon's Fly and Tackle is busy planning our 10th Annual New Jersey Fly Fisherman of the Year One Fly Contest Banquet and Auction to benefit the New Jersey State Council of Trout Unlimited on Saturday, November 2nd. The event is held on the property of our co-sponsor, The Raritan Inn where our private club water is located. This year's banquet is once again catered by Redwoods of Chester. Tickets for the banquet along with a cash bar and door prizes are $65.00 and available under "Events" at spectators are welcome but only banquet attendees are permitted to fish.

Local Hatches 10/19/2019:

Morning 7-10 am:

Trico Torythodes spp. Trico #22-24

Late Afternoon-Evening: 3-7pm:

Dotwing Sedge Neophylax spp. Tan Elk Hair Caddis #14-18, Green Rockworm or JC's Electric Caddis #14-18, LaFontaine's Sparkle Pupa #14-18

Baetis (Blue Winged Olives) Baetis spp. BWO, Adams $18-22 Use small #18-22 Pheasant Tails!

Dun Midge Paraleptophlebia debilis Adams or Blue Quill #18-20 Use small #18-20 Pheasant Tails!!

October Caddis Pycnopsyche spp. Orange Stimulator #10-12

Here two of Tim Flagler's favorite patterns for fall.

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