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The Rain Ends, It's Sulphur Time

To our readers I apologize for not writing a Fishing Report for the last two weeks. Frankly, it's been raining almost continuously between posts. Finally, however it looks like better weather is here. Fishing during the rainy period was almost entirely subsurface nymphs such as the Prince, Hare's Ear and Pheasant Tail along with Caddis Larva were successful along with streamers such as the Black Ghost and Woolly Buggers. I hope to have more Squirmy Worms in the shop this week, enough said. Until Dave McKenna dropped off a new box load, we couldn't keep Tungsten Bead Nymphs in the shop; those Euro-Nymphers are really catching fish in these high water spring conditions. We have a good supply now and will be restocking for the Memorial Day weekend.

This week we also received an interesting contest from Winston Fly Rods. Cast a Winston and anglers will receive a chance to win two Winston rods of their choice. It is a national contest but still worth a try and the Winstons are beautiful rods.

We also have some swag from Scott Fly Rods. They have some of my favorite rod models including the Radian, G-Series and Meridian. We will include a Scott Hat of your choice from our inventory. I know it's a hat but the rods speak for themselves.

Customers have expressed some surprise at the reels we carry including Galvan, Bauer, Ross, Abel, Hatch, Hardy and Redington. Now you know!

This is the time of year when aquatic insects really get going. Look for caddis emergence anytime after 9am and through the early afternoon. March Browns will sporadically hatch at this time and they are large clumsy mayflies that trout will target. Small swarms of Cornuta BWO's also hatch in the late morning. Baetis can hatch in the late morning through the afternoon. I find that the trout will target the large flies if they feel safe and the smaller flies if they are pressured.

The Sulphur Hatch began this week on area rivers and streams. We had some decent fishing Thursday and through the weekend. I predict better dry fly fishing as water levels drop a bit. There is nothing like fishing this a hatch. It begins after most of us have finished working for the day and the fish don't miss the action unless the water is really high and off color. We believe the cold April and early May have delayed the hatch so expect several weeks of superb dry fly fishing ahead. The larger Sulphur Ephemerella invaria hatches earlier in the late afternoon. Begin by fishing a Sulphur Emerger #14 late in the afternoon and switch over to the dries as conditions dictate. It is common to see fish flashing below the surface. If this is the case, switch to an emerger immediately. They will continue to hatch into the evening to be joined by the Pale Evening Dun, a smaller Sulphur, E. dorothea which will hatch as dusk approaches. Spinners of both species are likely to be in the air and dropping as one or both of the mayflies are hatching at dusk making this truly a "Super Hatch". I've included two of Tim Flagler's videos this week: Les Shannon's Lemon Cahill tied by Matt Grobert and Tim's Sulphur Perdigon a perfect pattern for this spring's unusually high flow conditions.

Local Hatches 5/19/2019:

Morning 9-11 am:

Spotted Sedge Hydropsyche spp. Tan Elk Hair Caddis #14-18, Green Rockworm or JC's Electric Caddis #14-18, LaFontaine's Sparkle Pupa #14-16

Cream Caddis Psilotreta sp. Tan Elk hair Caddis #18

Midday through Late Afternoon 12 noon - 5pm:

Blue Dun Paraleptophlebia johnsoni Adams #14-16, Blue Dun #14-16 Pheasant Tail #14-16

March Brown Maccaffertium vicarium March Brown #12 Hare's Ear or March Brown Nymph #10-12

Large Blue Wing Olive Drunella cornuta BWO #14 Pheasant Tail # 14

Baetis species (Tricaudatus, interclaris, levitans, etc.) Adams Parachute, BWO, 18-20, RS2 #18-20 Pheasant tail #18-20

Sulphur Ephemerella invaria Sulphur #12-14, Sulphur Emerger #14, Len's Sulphur Nymph or Pheasant Tail #12-14

Evening 7-9pm:

Pale Evening Dun Epherella dorothea Sulphur #16-18, Sulphur Emerger #16-18, Pheasant Tail #16-18

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