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Deep Freeze & Then A Thaw

I hope everyone enjoyed the annual Fly Fishing Show in Edison. There is always lots to see and many of our Shannon's friends and customers spent some quality hours on a cold January weekend thinking of spring. We received our latest shipment of Scott fly rods for 2019. This is a really solid line up, one of the best in the industry including the G Series,

the Radian, Meridian, Tidal and Flex Series. There is an update this year to their fiber glass F-series.

While it won't be a long cold snap the current temperatures are certainly enough to get my attention. I think Califon had a high of 12 degrees today. Most of the time we would rather be fishing than working but not right now. Still by the weekend and into next week the forecast is for warming conditions, even into the mid fifties! Usually it may take the water a couple of days to readjust but I expect the trout to start looking for food as soon as the mercury begins to tilt in the right direction. Two of the best flies so far this winter have been the Frenchie and Lance Egan's Red Dart. It might be a good idea to have a few of these flies in your fly box. I hit the water for a short outing last Sunday. The fish were a little hard to find in the higher water. When I began to fish the river was running at 266 cfs. I managed one Rainbow in the 20 inch class and lost another before darkness settled in. I was using a Beadhead Prince as the front fly and an egg pattern as the dropper. I would suggest Tim Flagler's Antron Egg in a size 18.

Sparse Grey Matter Fly Fest will be Sunday February 24th at the Califon Fire House from 10am until 4pm. The event is free and open to the public. We will have a small auction which helps us pay for the room. Tyers from around the region will be showing off their skills. Food and non-alcoholic beverages will be available and the proceeds will benefit the Califon Fire Department.

Saturday and Sunday morning fly tying will continue. Len Ruggia leads the Beginner Class on Saturday mornings at 9:30 am. Tools can be provided to newcomers. Look for tyers to be listed for February 10th and the 17th Sunday morning sessions.

Our annual Hot Stove Presentations will be coming soon so check the website as I am finalizing this year's schedule. The events are an evening presentation series running in February and Early March. Tim Flagler, Matt Grobert, John Collins and I run a series of four presentations on hatch identification and more effective fly fishing tactics. A catered dinner and a return fishing session is included on our club waters, Shannon's Private Waters in the spring. Price for each event will be $75.00 for non members and $30.00 for members. Typically the events run from 6pm to 9pm. Dates are as follows:

Tim Flagler February 20th

Matt Grobert February 27th

John Collins and Jim Holland To be announced.

Videos: Lance Egan Red Dart and Frenchie

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