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A Taste of Fall

It is certainly starting to feel like fall in our area. Rivers and streams remain at optimal levels for this time of year actually we've been experiencing stream flows much more like spring than fall. The weather has been cooling off too, this should bring about a change in tactics. While I have been seeing Caddis and Blue Wing Olives hatching and flying, it is probably a good idea to focus on subsurface precision nymphing to generate numbers in your trout game. That means fishing on the bottom; beadhead or similarly weighted flies are a good point fly followed by a small Flashback Pheasant Tail Nymph #20-22 or a Zebra Midge of the same size. Use attractor flies like the Red Dart or Lightning Bug. Always hard to beat a Prince in the cooler weather. Don't be without a few WD40's or RS2 Emergers later in the morning through the afternoon. The egg midge tandem is another good option. Many of these new, large Rainbows will be dropping eggs and they represent a hearty meal to trout. I've been doing well with a Flashback Pheasant tail Beadhead #16 and a #16-18 Tan Sparkle Caddis Pupa in the afternoon. I'm going to say this a lot as the water cools: "Fish slow." Don't give up on a likely stretch of river. Be methodical, fish deliberately. If the water is up or during low light hours, try streamers. They represent a large meal to the trout who like so many of us waiting for Game of Thrones Season 8 know that "Winter is Coming." And if you decide to retrieve that Woolly Bugger or Zonker through that slow pool, use 4X tippet at a minimum. So you really want to lose that 20" Rainbow or Brown to a 5X leader? Of course not. Have the last laugh, make sure your tippet matches the fly and the tactics.

The Hatches as of 10/20/2018: Similar to previous hatch chart but emphasis on Caddis and BWO's.

Morning - Afternoon until 2 pm:

Blue Wing Olive Baetis sp. (Vagans, Levitans etc.) RS2 Grey, BWO #18-22, WD 40 #18-22, Pheasant Tail Nymph #18-22 Adams, BWO #18-22

Midges Black Zebra Midge, Red Zebra Midge, Rainbow Warrior #18-22

Late Afternoon-Dusk:

Dot Wing Sedge Neophylax spp. #14-18 Tan Elk Hair Caddis, Tan LaFontaine's Sparkle Pupa #14-18

October Caddis Pycnopsyche spp. Orange Stimulator #12

Dun Midge Paraleptophlebia debilis Pale Evening Dun #18

Blue Wing Olive Baetis sp. (Vagans, Levitans etc.) & Pseudocleon carolina Adams, BWO #18-22

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