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Water Temperature and Flow: The Stars Align.

The summer of 2018 is officially over. It was certainly a wet summer and for that I am thankful because last year we were looking at historic low flows. The higher water helped to preserve aquatic life in our rivers and streams; both trout and aquatic insects benefited from the enhanced flows. While we had high water southerly winds made the summer hot and humid and the water was mostly too hot to safely fish for trout from the first week of July through most of the summer and into the first half of September. It appears that our weather is moving towards a cooling trend. The last couple of nights saw evening lows in the upper forties to low fifties. That is having a positive effect on our trout. With flows receding from recent heavy rain, the stage is set for some fine fall fishing. The emphasis here is going to be on Caddis, Blue Winged Olives and streamer fishing. Some of the best dry fly fishing of the year can be had in October. Look for Caddis on sunny, drier days and BWO's on cooler damp days. In addition to holdover trout, the wild Brook and Brown Trout which will be feeding in preparation for spawning and beginning to show their fall colors. We are excited and proud to announce that we are now a R. L. Winston dealer. This package also includes Bauer Reels. I am excited about their new rods: The Air, Pure and Kairos lines are all interesting and distinct rod lines. Winstons are well? Winstons. Adding these esteemed products to our lineup of Scott (Radian, Meridian, Tidal and G Series), T&T (Avantte, Aeros, Contact and Exocett), Hardy Zephyrus), GLoomis (NRX LP), Douglas (Sky and DXF) and St Croix (Legend Elite, Imperial USA and the new Mojo Trout) is what we do for our customers as each of these great brands have a devoted following and for good reason. Stop by and cast and compare them yourself. The Bauers are high performance beauty incarnate (OK, I am biased) and join our other offerings: Ross/ Abel, Galvan, Hatch, Hardy and Redington. I think the cooler weather is getting to me! If you fished those fall Caddis and BWO hatches last year, you would understand....

Make some time to be on the water, you know I'm right. It's been a long summer. The trout are waiting and the state is stocking the big 2 & 3 year old Rainbows the second week of October.

The Hatches as of 9/30/2018

Morning - Afternoon until 2 pm:

Trico Tricorythodes Trico #22

Green Sedge Rhyacophila spp. #12-14 Henryville Special, Olive LaFontaine's Sparkle Pupa #14-16, Baetis sp. (Vagans, Levitans etc.) RS2 Grey, BWO #18-22, WD 40 #18-22, Pheasant Tail Nymph #18-22 Adams, BWO #18-22

Midges Black Zebra Midge, Red Zebra Midge, Rainbow Warrior #18-22

Late Afternoon-Dusk:

Dot Wing Sedge Neophylax spp. #14-18 Tan Elk Hair Caddis, Tan LaFontaine's Sparkle Pupa #14-18

Slate Drake aka. Iso. Isonychia bicolor Iso Dun or Parachute #12-14 Iso Emerger , Iso Nymph, Prince or Zug Bug

October Caddis Pycnopsyche spp. Orange Stimulator #12

Cream Cahill Maccaffertium modestum Light Cahill, Sulphur #14

Little Evening Yellow Leucrocuta hebe Sulphur #18-20

Baetis sp. (Vagans, Levitans etc.) Adams, BWO #18-22

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