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A nice wet start to August.

Last year and for the last several years we had low water conditions. As I am writing this, the South Branch is running at a robust 259 cfs (cubic feet per second). That's fantastic! Normally, I would be happy if the river was running at 50 cfs in August. What does this all mean? Well, let's not get ahead of ourselves too much. In the short term through Wednesday August 8th, the water is likely to above normal but still warm to safely fish and release trout. That doesn't mean the trout aren't there but to fish for them isn't a great idea. Warm water species including some of my favorite action of the season for Largemouth Bass and large Bluegills is my alternative. And you don't need giant poppers either. I used a hopper pattern the other day to raise the largest bass of my fly fishing career. I didn't set the hook fast enough and when the fish bolted wow it it throw some water. I'm dreaming of another shot at that fish. We are just about a week away from productive morning and evening trout fishing. There are seve

ral prime ponds located close to the shop open to the public. Give them a try!

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