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Into the Wild.....

This winter, new regulations went into effect courtesy of the NJ Fish and Game Council and the New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife. Brook Trout would no longer be stocked north of Rt 202 and west of Rt 287. Wild trout streams would be reclassified to be managed by species; Brook Trout streams and Wild Brown Trout Enhancement streams were the new classifications; Wild Trout Stream regulations in areas which also support wild Rainbow Trout. I love wild trout and the native Brook Trout is my favorite. The last several years of low water and warm summers are making it tough on the Brookies so they are getting some help. If you catch a Brownie on the South Branch less than 12 inches, it has to go back. The limit is 2 Browns over 12 inches year round. Rainbows must be 9" to be kept while all Brookies must be released immediately.

We have had a very nice Sulphur hatch this year but now while I am still seeing nice numbers of the smaller Dorothea Sulphurs (see previous blog posts for matchging the hatch information), I am now seeing more Light Cahills and Isonychia in the mix as is typical of June. Plenty of Spotted Sedge (Tan Caddis) as well.

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