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It's Really June?

Looking at the stream gauges it's hard to believe that we are into June. Also, temperatures have been excellent. To have water and temps into June is something to enjoy. Combine that with the fact that early high water spread out the fish after stocking makes for some excellent fishing on area streams and rivers right now. Look for Spotted Sedge and Green Sedge caddis and BWO's to hatch in the morning. You may also see the occasional Isonychia as well. Fish nymphs early and then add an emerger such as a RS2 #16-20 or LaFontaine's Sparkle Pupa #16-18 as a trailer after 9am.

In the late afternoon, egg laying caddis followed by Isonychia and Grey Foxes will be on the water. If you see what looks like low flying caddis over the water (they look like tiny moths) then you know you're about to enjoy some action. An Iris Caddis is ideal for this activity. Spinner falls of Invaria and Grey Fox are exciting and the small Dorothea Sulphurs are still hatching. Now with the falling water, the fish will feed more actively on the surface. Get out there and enjoy it. Most of don't dry fly fish in February.

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