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Memorial Day Sulphurs and Hatch Update

2018 has been a bounce back year for mayfly and caddis hatches in our area. This includes major New Jersey streams such as the South Branch and the Musky but also the Brodhead in PA among others. Hatches have been very good, problem had been that the water, for the first time in about five years was running high. Dry fly action wasn't off the charts early as a result but nymphing was fantastic. Now, dry fly fishing is rounding into shape as we leave May and enter June, traditionally the best dry fly month of the year on many streams. Several factors are contributing to this assessment. First, we have water. Flows are at or above average on every major stream in the region with enough maintenance rain to maintain temperatures for the near future. Second, we have the fish. In trout stocked waters, the fish had a chance to spread out during the early season and wild trout often show themselves during a good hatch, if the water levels aren't too high. Third, we have bugs- mayfly and caddis hatches are heavier than they've been in a number of years.

The Hatches as of 5/28/2018

Morning until 11am:

Green Sedge Rhyacophila lobifera #14-16 Henryville Special, Olive LaFontaine's Sparkle Pupa #14-16

Spotted Sedge Hydropsyche spp. #14-18 Tan Elk Hair Caddis, Tan LaFontaine's Sparkle Pupa #14-18

Little Sister Sedge Cheumatopsyche spp. Hendryville Special #18, JK's Caddis #18 Olive Soft Hackle #18

Summer Blue Quill Paraleptoplebia mollis Blue dun #18-20, Blue Quill #18-20, Adams #18 RS2 Grey #18-20

Late Morning - Afternoon 11am until 4pm:

Blue Winged Olive Drunella cornuta (#14) attenuata, cornutella #16-18 BWO #14-18

March Brown Maccaffertium vicarium March Brown #10-12

Late Afternoon-Dusk:

Grey Fox Maccaffertium vicarium (Formerly stenema fuscum) Grey Fox #12-14 March Brown Nymph #14

Slate Drake aka. Iso. Isonychia bicolor Iso Dun or Parachute #12 Iso Emerger #12, Iso Nymph, Prince or Zug Bug #12

Light Cahill Stenacron interpunctatum, ithaca, canadense Light Cahill #12-16 Hare's Ear Nymph #12-16

Sulphur Ephmerella invaria Sulphur Parachute#12-14, Sulphur Comparadun #12-14, Sulphur Emerger #14

Little Sulphur, Pale Evening Dun Ephemerella dorothea Sulphur Par. or Comparadun #16-18, Les' Lemon Cahill #16-18

Pink Cahill Epeorus vitreus Sulphur #14

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