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More Good Action on the South Branch 4/21/2018

Anglers reported more strong catches on the South Branch today. Hendrickson hatches were a factor in late afternoon fishing in places. With the Hendricksons it is important to have Light Hendricksons to imitate the females and Red Quills to match the males. Trout can be picky. Across our region from the South Branch to Brodhead Creek in PA hatches have been strong, the water temps are a little cool to generate consistent surface action. Fishing this evening, I was able to score for the first time in 2018 with some consistency on a Grannom Caddis dry #16. Egg patterns always catch Rainbows so that has been a strong choice. For the naturals caddis pupae and caddis larva patterns from size 14-18 are scoring along with Pheasant Tail and Hare's Ear Nymphs in sizes 14-18. As we move forward with the Quill Gordon, Hendrickson and Blue Quill mayfly hatches, Rusty Spinners from 12-18 should become more important towards dusk. I like John Collins' Down Egg Spinner pattern for this type of activity. -JH

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