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Hendricksons are here!

We just launched the new site and now its time for some news. Hendricksons are on the water with good hatches being reported on the South Branch, Pequest and Musky. Just in time for our Fly Fishing School this Saturday April 21st. We have only a few spots left. According to John Collins: early in the hatch cycle, the trout may concentrate on nymphs and emergers only to feed on the surface after the primary hatch is over but they will get keyed in on the full hatch activity quickly. Shannon's has the whole hatch covered with flies tied by John, Bob Atticks and John Kavanaugh, all well known New Jersey tyers. Blue Quills and Grannom Caddis have also been hatching in good numbers. Shannon's guide Gerry Dumont found good numbers of Quill Gordon spinners on the Pequest this past Saturday. The action is now shaping up and despite a little more rain Thursday, the weekend outlook looks great. Figure on the hatches starting around 2pm.

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